Armband Chakra Lapis Lazuli - Embrace Smycken
Armband Chakra Lapis Lazuli - Embrace Smycken

Bracelet Chakra Lapis Lazuli

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Beautiful Chakra bracelet that balances your energy and heals your soul. Increase awareness in your life with this amazing lasur and jaspiece bracelet. This beautiful chakral prostrate wrench is handmade with genuine leather and various types of natural stone beads such as lasur and jaspis, who have wonderful healing properties. It has a beautiful lasural stone as the main stone. The length is 83cm with adjustable bracket for your wrist.

Lasursten activates your psychic center in the third eye and balances the energies from the neck of the necklace and a pancher, also called the third eye that is the center of our perception and intuition. It affects our everyday awareness and view of the outside world. As a protective stone, Lasur is a protection against mental and physical threats.

Jaspis is a patronizing and energizing stone that stimulates carefully, reinforces your strength and endurance, and increases the amount of chi, or vitality, in your aura. It is a stone for health and passion. It draws out courage to confront unpleasant situations and to correct unfair acts.

* Because precious stones are natural materials and each stone is unique (just like you ❤️) can they vary in color and shape from the images.


Customer Reviews

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Anna-Karin Boklund
Himmel och hav

Jättesnyggt armband. Härliga färger som passar till mycket. Endast ett minus,svårt att knäppa på sig om man som jag har artros i fingrarna.

Annika Malmqvist


Marlene Sverkersson
Underbar blå färg

Armbandet är så fint med sina kristaller och stenar med vacker blå färg.
Ps jag klantade mig och klippte bort två knapphål lnnan jag provade ordentligt.
Får försöka laga det. Jag vill ju verkligen ha det. Ds

Anne-Li Viden
Otroligt blå färg

Otroligt vackert med en underbar blå färg

Petra Söderblom

Ett mycket vackert smycke.