Armband Chakra Blå Apatit - Embrace Smycken
Armband Chakra Blå Apatit - Embrace Smycken
Armband Chakra Blå Apatit - Embrace Smycken

Bracelet Chakra Blue Apatite

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Beautiful Chakra bracelet that balances your energy and heals your soul. Increase awareness in your life with this amazing bracelet with blue apatite stone. This beautiful chakral prostrate wrench is handmade with genuine leather and natural stone beads in blue apatitis, jade and tiger eye believed to have wonderful healing properties. It has a beautiful gold-plated blue apatite stone as the main stone. The length is 51 cm with adjustable bracket for your wrist. It includes a pendant with the different stones where the position of the bracelet can be adjusted.

Blue Apatite is a motivation stand that promotes independence and ambition. Blue Apatite is a stone for crocheting that helps with public speaking and improves group communication. Meditating with the crystal will improve self-expression, communication and patience.

The healing properties of the Jad are very useful for emotional healing. The soothing energy from Jade relieves irritability and helps eliminate negativity. It is considered mainly as a symbol of calm, silence and purity. It is a rock that is believed to bring happiness, friendship, peace and harmony. The jad is often used for cleaning and balancing the seven chakras.

The tiger eye is a powerful stone that gives harmony and balance and help you release fear and anxiety. It stimulates you to take action and helps you make decisions with understanding and without judging, and who are unspired of your feelings. Traditionally it has burden as an amulet against curses or malice, and is believed to give you courage, self-confidence and willpower, but alsoincrease creativity and balance the mind.

* Because precious stones are natural materials and each stone is unique (just like you ❤️) can they vary in color and shape from the images.

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Linda G
Så snyggt!!

Otroligt vackert armband, och snabb leverans! Kommer definitivt köpa fler smycken härifrån!

Evelina Stenbacke

Armband Chakra Blå Apatit

Seija Holappa

Vacker armband, älskar den!❤️
Snabb leverans!