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Bracelet Chakra Apatite Set

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Beautiful Chakra bracelet set that balances your energy and heals your soul. Get peace and patronage in your life with these amazing bracelets with natural and beautiful stone beads. This beautiful chakral bracket set is handmade with genuine stone beads in blue apatite, bloodstone and blue agate. The length is 18 cm with adjustable bracket for your wrist.

Agate is an exceptional stone for balancing and harmonization of body, mind and soul. It cleans and stabilizes your aura, eliminates and transforms negativity. The agate reinforces mental function, improves concentration, perception and analytical properties. It relieves and soothes, heals inner anger or effort and creates a sense of security and safety.

Blue Apatite is a motivation stand that promotes independence and ambition. Blue Apatite is a stone for crocheting that helps with public speaking and improves group communication. Meditating with the crystal will improve self-expression, communication and patience.

Blood stone is an intense healing stone used to clear and adjust the lower chakras with the heart and is a leader to balance the entire body to overcome any inconvenience or anxiety in connection with the rejection of these energies. This stone is particularly stimulating for base and heart chakra. Blood stone is also a very popular stone and is particularly useful if you are threatened. Carry bloodstone to increase mental clarity and to help make decisions. It will encourage you to take action and give you courage and personal strength to do it. It gives a mental boost when the motivation is missing and can revitalize mind and body if you are exhausted.

* Because precious stones are natural materials and each stone is unique (just like you ❤️) can they vary in color and shape from the images.