Jewelry Care.

Our jewelry is handmade with a lot of love and can therefore be fragile. Nurse your jewelry correctly so you can enjoy the long time.

1. Always remove your jewelry before activity where you sweat a lot. For example. Gardening, training or sports activity.

2. Keep your jewelry away from moisture and water. Don't shower with your jewelry.

3. Remove your jewelry before sleeping.

4. Gently clean your jewelry with a soft and clean canvas at regular intervals.

5. Keep the chains locked to avoid tangle.

6. Try not to leave your jewelry in direct sunlight.

7. Try to avoid contact with everyday chemicals such as cosmetics, hair products or perfumes.

8. Avoid getting pearl jewelry wet when some can lose their shine.

9. Do not clean leather products with soap or water, this will damage the leather.

10. Keep your jewelry in soft jewelry boxes or fabric bags.