Tiger eye or topas.

The tiger eye is a powerful stone that gives harmony and balance and help you release fear and anxiety. It stimulates you to take action and helps you make decisions with understanding and without judging, and who are unspired of your feelings. Traditionally, it has been burdened as an amulet against curses or malice, and is believed to give you courage, self-confidence and willpower, but also increase creativity and balance the mind.
Topas is a crystal for truth and forgiving. It is a symbol of purity, happiness, true friendship and hope. It helps us find our real purpose and destiny. The tops crystal can make us more aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions and their "karmic" effects. As such, it can activate our cosmic awareness. By removing the negative energies, the body energy leads to the places where it is most necessary. Topa's healing abilities are linked to spiritual and physical rejuvenation. It releases tensions and promotes feelings of joy and happiness.